• Robert Baker

Communication is Key!

We hear a lot of customers complain about other taxidermists and their lack of communication. To us, this is basic customer service.

Communication is Key! begins with you as the customer and ends with Rocky Mountain Taxidermy. Give us a call before your hunt. Let us know that your intending (based on a successful hunt of course) to have a mount done this year. Once you harvest your animal and either cape or skin it out (OR) bring it to the butcher and have them do it (if they offer that service) get the cape to us as soon as possible. Give us a call as soon as you are ready to drop it off and we will have someone waiting for you. Proper care of that cape or hide is essential to the success of your completed mount.

What happens after you drop off your cape/hide?

From the communication side of things. We will contact you when we begin work on your mount. If you provide us with a cell phone number, we will contact you and send you a photograph of your mount when it goes to the drying stage. Finally, you will be contacted a few weeks later when the finishing work is complete and it is time to pick your mount up. On a side-note, we will also contact you immediately if we encounter a issue with your cape/hide as soon as we find it. Remember, the proper care of your cape/hide in the field is the key to a successful mount.

** If you harvest your animal at dust and do not get it caped or skinned out until 8pm -- call us! Do not wait until the next day to drop it off. We will make ourselves available to receive your cape/hide as soon as it is available. **

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